Busy weekends for UWMMA Officials in Germany

It was a busy two weekends for the UWMMA Germany officials.

On Sept. 4th the UWMMA team officiated the MMA fights on the very first Unicorn Fighting Championships in Stuttgart / Germany.

On Sept. 10th the UWMMA team officiated the MMA fights on the very first Prize Fighting Events in Bonn / Germany.

Guided by UWMMA head referee Michael the next generation UWMMA Judge and Referee talents took the chance to improve their skills inside and outside the cage.

About us

Welcome to UWMMA, the worldwide governing body for professional Mixed Martial, Striking-MMA, Professional Kick Boxing, and Pure Fist Fighting.

UWMMA was founded in Luzern, Switzerland on February 17th 2019.

The purpose of UWMMA is to further the development of the martial arts disciplines Mixed Martial Arts and Striking-MMA around the world.

UWMMA is acting neutral and is financially independend!

UWMMA as governing and officiating body is enabling international competition through the organization of national federations and by sanctioning of professional martial arts promotions around the world.