PK-1 Pro Kickboxing Rules

Professional Kickboxing (PK-1) is a exciting full contact combat sports.
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The PK-1 Rules for professional Kickboxing are developed and sanctioned exclusively by UWMMA.

Kickboxing is a full-contact combat sport based on punching and kicking. The fight usually takes place in a boxing ring, but nowadays Kickboxing matches are very often also taking place in MMA style cages. The fighters are equipped with boxing gloves, mouth guards, shorts, and bare feet to favor the use of kicks.

Welcome to UWMMA, the worldwide governing body for professional Mixed Martial Arts and Striking-MMA.

UWMMA was founded in Luzern, Switzerland on February 17th 2019.

The purpose of UWMMA is to further the development of the martial arts disciplines "Professional Mixed Martial Arts" and "Professional Striking-MMA".

UWMMA is acting neutral and is financially independend!

UWMMA as governing and officiating body is enabling international competition through the organization of national federations and by sanctioning of professional martial arts promotions around the world.