New UWMMA Iran representative

UWMMA is proud to inform that Mr. Mohsen Baghban Khorrami is the new representative for Iran.

Mr. Khorrami has been the pillar of Iranian MMA for over a decade and is an active figure in orginizational and promotional management on numerous fronts. A former fighter in Kickboxing and MMA, Mr. Khorrami currently holds various positions throughout Asia and other world federations.

He also serves as Secretary general of the Iranian MMA Association and head of the WMMAF-Iran Committee which is a leading sports organization in Iran that conducts a wide range of sporting events, workshops and competitions.

Through UWMMA, Mr. Khorrami is aiming to guide and regulate professional MMA promotions in the country of Iran.

All interested promotions, officials or potential partners from the Iran region are encouraged to contact Mr. Khorrami for further information and details!

About us

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The purpose of UWMMA is to further the development of the martial arts disciplines "Professional Mixed Martial Arts" and "Professional Striking-MMA".

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