UWMMAA governing

The UWMMA acts as worldwide governing body for the full contact martial arts disciplines “Mixed Martial Arts”, “Striking MMA” and “Striking Grappling”.

Our primary goal is the safety and regulation of professional events, promotors and fighters.

We’re politics free, completely independent, community led and fiercely committed to the development of our sports.

We provide many of the professional services required by promotors, fighters and national federations.

The UWMMA is offering best educated and highly experienced officials teams all around the world.

We are supervising promoters and fighters licensing, we offer officials training programs, coaches certification and many more.

Alongside the more traditional services provided by any other Association the UWMMA also can assist promoters and event coordinators with international martial arts insurances.

Welcome to the United World Mixed Martial Arts Organization (UWMMA), the worldwide governing body for “Mixed Martial Arts”, “Striking MMA” .
The UWMMA was founded in Luzern, Switzerland on February 17th 2019.

The purpose of UWMMA is to further the development of the martial arts disciplines “Mixed Martial Arts”, “Striking MMA” around the world.

The UWMMA as governing and officiating body is enabling international competition through the organization of national federations and by sanctioning of martial arts promotions around the world.