UWMMA supports GAMMA Amateur MMA World Champioships

UWMMA technical director, Michael Wachter, was signed to support the MMA Amateur Federation

GAMMA to educate and guide the officials at the first GAMMA Amateur MMA World Championships

2019 in Singapore.


Within 4 days he held 3 seminars, trained more than 40 officials from all over the world and supervised their performance on 4 rings simultaneously.

After 4 days of intensive training and practical work experience Michael was able to certify almost 40 new GAMMA amateur MMA officials.







Thank you to GAMMA for the trust and One Championships for the generous support!










About us

Welcome to UWMMA, the worldwide governing body for professional Mixed Martial Arts and Striking-MMA.

UWMMA was founded in Luzern, Switzerland on February 17th 2019.

The purpose of UWMMA is to further the development of the martial arts disciplines "Professional Mixed Martial Arts" and "Professional Striking-MMA".

UWMMA is acting neutral and is financially independend!

UWMMA as governing and officiating body is enabling international competition through the organization of national federations and by sanctioning of professional martial arts promotions around the world.